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"I run a lot and I usually feel uncomfortable when I'm menstruating. Period Panteez Sanitary Panties let me have more freedom to run, do yoga, etc. I really like the product because you can just lounge around in them without worries."

- Danielle from Milford, Ohio

"Wow! great service with such a quick response, Thank you!"

- Ronda from Sturbridge, Massachusetts

"I admire your creative and innovative endeavor and hope the best for everything. Take care!"

- Rachel from Cincinnati, Ohio

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Comments about Period Panteez from TJ's "Measuring Flower" blog/review site:

"The Period Panteez are designed to press on the lower abdomen to prevent or soothe cramps. I found this to be one of the most useful features of the Period Panteez because I get excrutiating cramps. I also found that I could tuck a small, microwavable heated pillow inside around the waist. With the heat and the light pressure, I found a good deal of relief from my cramps."

"To be honest, the Period Panteez are something I was looking for. I’ve always worn thick pajama shorts to bed and, often, underneath my jeans (even though they’re bulky and dorky-looking) to prevent leaks. The Period Panteez are a thousand times more comfortable and easier to use. Plus, I can wear them in public without fear of them being seen!"

Comments about Period Panteez from Shelly's "Shelly's Bits and Pieces" blog/review site:

"Although I no longer have to worry about periods, I worried that my daughter would suffer from the same problems. She did, until we discovered Period Panteez!"

Comments about Period Panteez from Christy Breazeal's "My Subscription Box Addition" blog/review:

Here are just some of Christy's comments:

"I love the material and they are thick enough that if you have an overflow it wont soak to your clothes."

"Being in the healthcare field, I know that you can't always drop what you are doing and run to the restroom!"

"Now I can wear real panties with no worries- I'm so happy!"

"I cannot believe I didn't know this product existed."

And some comments from her readers:

"These look great! I wish I had these after giving birth to my babies, but would like to try them for periods too."
Valerie E.

"It sounds like a great idea, and frankly, who wouldn't want to get rid of the ugly granny panties."
Krista G.

Comments about Period Panteez from Larisha's "We're Parents!?" blog/review site:

"I had enough to worry about with taking a newborn in public without the embarrassment of leaking through my pads and this product definitely helped a lot."
Larisha C.

Comments about Period Panteez from Hayley's "Hanging Off the Wire" blog/review:

"Period Panteez are really durable. The product did the trick and the panties are fashionable as well."
Hayley K.

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